About Christi

Proven Winner and Leader

Christi Jacobsen is not a politician, and never will be. The one and only time she ran for office she beat known insider politicians in a six-way primary and went on to win the general election by the largest margin of any other candidate on the ballot in Montana.

As Montana’s Secretary of State, Christi delivered historic results to businesses and voters while providing exceptional customer service. She leads with character, heart, and resiliency.


True Montanan

A fourth generation Montanan, Christi was born and raised in Helena, graduated from Capital High, and Carroll College, and got her Masters Degree from University of Montana. Then she met her husband Eric, who played football at Montana Tech.

Christi and her husband raised their children in Helena Montana.



From the beginning, Christi promised she’d bring common-sense measures others were too afraid to try: safe and secure elections, voter-identification, short lines at the polls, cleaning voter rolls, making it easy to do business in Montana, and less government along the way.


Fighting for Montana

Christi took on the liberal machine in court to uphold common-sense election integrity laws (voter ID, voter registration deadlines, banning ballot harvesting for cash). She fought to ban loopholes, like California money influencing our county elections. She doubled the frequency of cleaning the voter rolls. Secretary Jacobsen implemented robust modern cyber security measures. She expanded election audits to increase voter confidence. Christi is nationally known for her track record of delivering better elections in Montana.

At the same time, Christi cut start-up fees in half for new businesses fostering a record number of new businesses.

Christi cut government by reducing the number of employees in half and government footprint by 75%, and she is not done!


Servants Heart

Voters hired Christi to deliver what she promised. She did. Along the way, creating the most highly engaged workforce in state government, ever. Christi loves Montana. She is honored to serve the state she loves. Christi will never be a politician. Christi is a true Montanan, Leader and Proven Winner that will fight to deliver with a servant’s heart.

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